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Porec Limited is a real estate company founded in 2016 by real estate professionals with broad range of training and experience in real estate industry that provides the foundation for effective provision of real estate services across Tanzania. We provide our clients with a full range of expert real estate services including architecture and construction, valuation, land surveying, property and facility management, project management and appraisal, real estate development and feasibility analysis.

Since its inception in 2016, Porec Limited has earned a reputation in the market for being able to deliver results and successful outcomes to clients in full and in time. Porec Limited is the “Go To” real estate services firm to most respected companies, real estate investors, owners and private individuals in Tanzania. We’re committed to clever, cost effective marketing tailored specifically for you. Our results speak for themselves and the level of repeat and referral business we receive is a true testament to the dedication we show our clients.

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  • Valuation of all types of Properties and Assets for different purposes including Accounting/ Balance sheet, Rating, rent assessment, Mortgage, Acquisition and Merger, Investment Appraisal, Taxation and Liquidation, Divestiture; Negotiations, preparation of prospectus of companies slated for listing (IPO) on the stock Exchange Markets
  • Civil and Building Construction
  • Architectural Design
  • Properties and Facility Management
  • Land Surveying
  • Process land registration and coordinate issuance of Certificate of Title Deeds
  • Facilitating transfer of rights in land through sale, gift, loan and inheritance e.t.c
  • Processing of change of Land Use

Valuation Consultancy

Contact us whenever ou need valuation for sale/purchase, Accounting/ Balance sheet, Rating, rent assessment, Mortgage, Acquisition and Merger, Investment Appraisal, Taxation and Liquidation, Divestiture; Negotiations e.t.c

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Land Consultancy

Contact us whenever you need the acquisition of building permit, Title deeds, land surveying, Title deed search, Land Registration, transfer of Land ownership, conversion and variation of Land Use and other Land Advisory services

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Civil and Building Construction

Our range of services under this category includes all construction related tasks - from building construction to civil engineering. We execute our construction projects on schedule and at the best price

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Architectural Design

We design beautiful, unique and comfortable residential, institutional and commercial buildings as per clients instructions, objectives and preferences while taking into account sustainable use of the property

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Mussa Sabayo

Founder & Managing Director

Sabayo is a founding member, managing director and an overall in charge of the company business operation. He is Fully Registered and Licensed Valuer by Valuers Registration Board of Tanzania (VRB) and a Member of Association of Real Estates Profession Tanzania (AREPTA). He holds Bachelor of Science in Land Management and Valuation from Ardhi University and Master of Science in Real Estate Candidate at Ardhi University. Over the years, Sabayo has developed extensive knowledge and experience in real estate Industry while ensuring strict compliance to local and international best practices in every aspect of the project he gets to be involved.

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Miriam Kivuyo

Main Engineer

Miriam is a well-qualified Civil Engineer with experience in construction works. Her area of specialty is Structural designing of buildings and bridges, having served in various capacities including maintenance engineer, project coordinator, supervision works and QA/QC personnel. She is also well capable in leadership as she has been through the position of Head of Department for Structural engineering department. Many of the projects she got to supervise, have been successful due to proper communication, team work and high discipline among the colleagues and fellow stakeholders.

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Wakuninde Maembe

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Maembe is the chief operating officer of the company who oversees company's daily business operations and administration, having more than 6 years of experience in real estate industry. He is a busy man, driven to meet objectives, and practical goals for the success of Porec.

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Sunday Mashimba

Head of Valuation Department

Sunday is in-charge of Valuation activities in the company. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Land Management and Valuation from Ardhi University and He has more than 6 years of professional experience in valuation and real estates management profession. Mr Sunday gained valuation experience from different private valuation firms where he worked partly as a permanent employee and partly as a part time employee/freelance valuer. During this time, he carried out valuation of different landed properties for different purposes including valuation for compensation, accounting and financial reporting purposes, mortgage, receivership, insurance, sales and property rating with different clients.

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